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Portofino Hotel

Portofino Hotel is a unique luxury hospitality project located in the magnificent The World Island development. This premium 5-star hotel is seen to operate and cater for adults and children of different ages. Situated in the main Europe island of the development, this luxury hotel has amenities inspired by European designs and contemporary Mediterranean architecture. Portofino Hotel guarantees 100% return of investment (ROI) for its project up to 10 years.

Premium Amenities

Portofino Hotel will be offering a total of 451 rooms, including Princess and Royal suites. All of its accommodations boast of views of the sea and upper floor suites with their own private rooftop plunge pools. Among its wide range of amenities is a dedicated marina, European style cafes and beach restaurants, spa and wellness center, luxury boutiques as well as interactive clubs for children of varying ages. The residences also offer additional services for VIP hotel club members, including transportation, leisure and dining arrangements.

Stunning Location

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Portofino Hotel at the heart of The World

Portofino Hotel is located within the beautiful island development of The World Islands, a group of islands inspired and intended to imitate the shape of the world. The hotel suites are perfectly tucked away from the busy lifestyle of the city, making it a convenient hideout for relaxation and leisure.

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Portofino Hotel

Easily access a wealth of premium amenities within the island neighborhood at your convenience. The World Islands has become renowned and tagged among the most popular island destinations in the world.


– Dubai’s Most Unique Project

– The World Islands 10 % Net Guaranteed Return for 10 Years